“Wanted a host family”

The school ended more or less one week ago and I am already projected in the next year. I am leaving Italy on the 21st of August for a one year exchange school program in Canada and I don’t know anything about the city, the school and the host family yet. In this period I am fantasizing about my future experiences but I don’t have much to take inspiration of.

Today I decided to create a Facebook profile to get in touch with my family and friends while I will be abroad, it can be also useful to meet Canadian friends. First of all I went to the AFS Canada page where I found an amazing collage of all exchange students who will be in Canada during the next year.AFS studen Canada

Facebook AFS Interculture Canada collage: I Am the third from the bottom right with the tag Allegra Linzi

( I am a bit evident you see me particularly fluorescent …. I am quite pale but so much!!!!!! )

I looked and looked again at the photo like ten times and it is not boring yet. I love seeing all these guys with smiling mouths and dreamy eyes and I am one of them!

I wish you all to live a wonderful adventure and I am looking forward to meet you.♥