La vie est dure au québec


After 9 hours and a half by plane here I am with my new lovely family in Granby! There is Jeremy, Annie, Grabriel, Caroline and behind us my new very big yellow house!

The day after my arrival we had a very good breakfast all together with waffles and maple syrup stuff. I love that!


We have a lot of fun playing tennis, for me was the first time but I am proud of me I was able to catch the ball!

Afte lunch we went to pick blackberries and to say goodbye to the neighbors, the are very kind person. It was very hot like 30 degrees so we went in their swiming pool but it was very cold so we moved into their hydromassage!!! Amazing.

For dinner we went to Caroline’s parents, the live near the bordering with USA. They have a very lovely house where we eat corn with butter and salt! I really like the food here is not too bad like in USA, they eat healthy and equilibrated.

Today I am going to meet the director of my school. He permit me to attend the international study program I am so happy for that!

I already love living here.

bye Allegra


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