Mon premier mois


My first month is gone! That’s crazy the time goes so fast. I’m sorry I did’t write any post for such a long time but this is kind a good thinks because I really get in my new life, I am always doing something new and that is so incredible that you can even image.

The main news is that I started school. I am going to the “école secondaire Joseph- Hermas- Leclerc” we call it just “J-H”. It’s a quite big school but not as much as my school in Italy, it is very well organized and equipped. If you are in the regular course you can choose so many different subject but I am in the International education program (P.E.I.) which offers at the best students of the school the opportunities to have the International Baccalaureate diploma. There are 3 groups of students in this program and a total of 73 people. They have 9 courses: French, Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, Spanish, Arts, Contemporary world and Physical Education. And I am attending all of them! (how you could image my french in not really good yet so for now I am not understand all the lessons but I will do my best to improve it).

The first day wasn’t too bad I just have one very awkward moment when the director presented me to all the secondary five (last year of high school) of PEI: I was in front of 73 people that I never saw before and someone introduced me in a language which I wasn’t understanding yet… and after that everyone in that room knows who I am and my story and I don’t even know a name! ahah Anyway now is much better I met very nice people that helps me when I need it. I started to get along very well with some girls at my school, they are very nice and funny: they are my first Canadians friends and I very glad that I met them! They brings me to parties and they are showing me how everything is here and it works, trust me, here is another world! 

On the 12th of September I went to Montreal for a meeting with 55 students from all over the world that will stay in Canada for this year. it was an amazing day and really helps me talking with the volunteers and sharing the impressions with the other exchange students in particular with the Italians! We are a very beautiful group ♥ ♥ ♥ love you guys.


Three weeks ago I went with my host family and some of their friends to Memphremagog Lake it is not far away from Granby. Here I learned how to wakeboard and how to surf on the back of the boat which create a wave that never ends! I just love the feeling when you surf it is just amazing! But I have to say, it is not so easy… ahaha anyways is also very funny to fall and to watch others falling!

Last week I went with all the secondary five of PEI 2 days in the mountain where we did some very nice excursions in the nature and we had dinner all together with the worst spaghetti in the world ahahah Fortunately after we started a bonfire and we roast marshmallows and sausages. Too good!

IMG_9716 2

As everyone know the most popular sport in canada is hockey, they explain me that it is like a “religion”! ahaha So go watching a hockey game is a MUST on my checklist of things to do during this year. The best team ever is “Les Canadiens de Montreal” but a ticket for one game cost like 100 $ and you have to buy it a lot of time before the game. Last weekend we went to Centre bell in Motreal to see the game white vs. red but all the players are part of the Canadiens team. We pay only 5$ for two thickets and these money will go to the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation to help provide equipment to underprivileged children that want to play hockey. The ice rink was huge and the atmosfere incredible: screams, music, applause, whistles… That was just a practice, but during a real game is like 3 times more amazing and crazy. They give us also free hot-dog and I wasn’t able to resist and I bought the big “number one” hand!

IMG_9939IMG_9953 2

Of course now I telling you all very the nice and the funny things that I did but I lived also some period of homesickness but not too bad… I miss a lot my mum and my dad, I love them so much and I will never thank them enough to allow me to leave for this adventure. I also miss so bad my best friend, she is now is USA and she is doing my same experience there, we were used so see each other every day so is a big challenge. And my dog too I miss coddle him!!!! The list goes on but I will stop it here.

My trip is just began I have still so many things to try, adventures to live and emotions to feel and nothing and nobody will wake me up from this dream.


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