85 days


I’m back, I am so sorry that I didn’t have time to write more posts, I had every single day very busy and incredible! School apart I had volleyball training, activities with the association AFS, activities with the family, friends etc.

At the end I will post some pictures that will summarise the last month and a half of my journey in Canada.

In short everything is fine, my emotional mood curve, for who knows what it is (AFS stuff), is flying very high since I arrived here. I am absolutely a lucky because is not like that for all the exchanges students ( we’ll see if I will say the same when is gonna be -30 degrees ).

Anyway there is some things that won’t change: my Canadian family, I found the most kind and nice people that I could ever wish, my French (québécois) that is going better and better and my volleyball team, which I love, we will have fun for sure but also satisfactions in the court this year.

During these months I built my new life here, before leaving I had no idea if I will be able to adapt and to get involved in someone else’s life. People thought I was right for this experience because of my family, for who doesn’t really know I had a lot of experience before this year with AFS but from different points of views. My mother, when she was 17, went one year in USA and right now she is a volunteer for AFS, she truly believe in the goal of the association. My oldest brother, Alessandro, went 6 months in Costa Rica and when he came back we hosted a guy from Paraguay, Oscar, I was 10 or 11 years old but I love him as much as I love my others brothers. Three years after my other brother, Ludovico, went one year in Argentina and last year we hosted a girl from Australia, Ellie ♥ (finally a sister after 3 brothers!). She is as old as me and we were sharing the room and the friends, was absolutely incredible, she is my sister but also a very good friend. Right now she is so far away from me and I really miss her…

Anyway maybe all these experiences are helping me right now… But, sincerely, I was so scared before this leap into the unknown, but thanks God I jumped.

À la prochaine ♥



– Squad goals –

  – Belles soirée –

– Halloween at school –

– Halloween at home –

– My first geme the football at McGill University stadium –

 – Mucca –

  – Adventures with a horse –


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