The city of Granby

Hello guys!

AFS finally sent me the family application. I am going to live in Granby, a town in southwestern Quebec, located east of Montreal (it is 1 hour from Montreal and 1 hour from the USA border with the state of Vermont).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The city has more or less  60 000 people and it is a regional center for industries (textile, lumber, dairy products) and commercial zone, but is also a tourist town, due to the presence of the important Granby Zoo. I don’t really like zoo but I don’t care I don’t have to go if I don’t want. I think they are such a sad place for all the animals which are locked up in cages or pans instead of being free.

Granby is home to Autodrome Granby one of Canada’s largest dirt oval racing tracks! This attraction hosts professional racing teams every Friday night from May to September. I have never been to racing tracks I think it should be cool and fun: I am looking forward to see it.

Granby has a humid continental climate. It has significant variations of temperature with four distinct seasons. Summers are warm but relatively short and winters are also short but cold and sometimes very cold. Transitional seasons are also not very long, but with significant variations of temperature between adjacent months. Precipitation is quite high, resulting in rainy summers and snowy winters. I am a bit scared about winter temperatures, where I live it is quite cold in December or Genuary like 3/5 Celsius degrees below zero but it is nothing compared with -20° C or more!!!

There is a mountain near my family house where you can ski also in the evening. I really like skiing so that’s amazing!ski Bromont

Granby is also home to the Galeries de Granby regional shopping mall which has 106 stores!!! I absolutely love shopping I hope I will find some good friends to go with.

The family house is 5 minutes away from the downtown. My host family describe the place as a pretty friendly social environment. The neighborhood has 20 houses and my host family know almost all of the neighbors. There is a cycle path close the house and also some horse ranches not far. I am not a horse rider but maybe one time I should try. My best friend Matilde loves horses and she is a good rider, she could be proud of me!

Big hug ★★★


“Wanted a host family”

The school ended more or less one week ago and I am already projected in the next year. I am leaving Italy on the 21st of August for a one year exchange school program in Canada and I don’t know anything about the city, the school and the host family yet. In this period I am fantasizing about my future experiences but I don’t have much to take inspiration of.

Today I decided to create a Facebook profile to get in touch with my family and friends while I will be abroad, it can be also useful to meet Canadian friends. First of all I went to the AFS Canada page where I found an amazing collage of all exchange students who will be in Canada during the next year.AFS studen Canada

Facebook AFS Interculture Canada collage: I Am the third from the bottom right with the tag Allegra Linzi

( I am a bit evident you see me particularly fluorescent …. I am quite pale but so much!!!!!! )

I looked and looked again at the photo like ten times and it is not boring yet. I love seeing all these guys with smiling mouths and dreamy eyes and I am one of them!

I wish you all to live a wonderful adventure and I am looking forward to meet you.♥